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What can I expect?

A cup of tea! Although the Portrait you've chosen to have created are quite formal to achieve this we need to make you comfortable and relaxed in your own skin. We'll walk you through the process, from arrival to poses, and printing so we are assured you're as pleased with the results of your shoot as we are.

What shall I wear?

You've been inspired by our other portraits so to maintain the inspiration we do suggest muted colours without patterns. Formal always wins! So avoid branded clothing as fashion has it's season and we're always looking to create an image which lasts. 

Shall I wear makeup?

Certainly the more comfortable you feel the more relaxed and personal your portrait will be, although pursuing the images which have inspired you to choose us we recommend keeping makeup very low key and matt to avoid nasty highlights.

I hate my 'chins,nose,smile'

We love the individual, and unique. Never in the history of faces has yours ever been seen. Capturing YOU is what we do.

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