Starman - Stage Three

So far we’ve developed the idea through brainstorming and from that a grouping images. Next stage is to actually put some leather in and  find those spots where your images will work. I’m fairly lucky living next to the coast as sea and that distant horizon really does fit with the idea of yearning which I feel is part and parcel of the idea of ‘absence’. I’d like this narrative to reach a greater audience and so felt it really important to seek out different locations just in case. I wandered through a nature reserve I didn’t realise existed quite close and found a lake!! Bliss. Along with this the paths around the park also resonated with the passage of travelling. I simply took a few snapshots and with those in hand I’ll go back to the sketches and refine as it’s really important to know presicely what the images will look like as well as being really helpful for you to know what you will actually need to take to accomplish your vision.

There is of course no need to find any more location than your living room if that works for how you’ve put together your narrative.

Next up wardrobe and props which will need you to set a budget.

Do feel free  to post your images in the comments and show me what you’ve been up to as you work through your process.

See you next time

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