Starman - Stage Four

Step by step we are arriving out our destination. With our ideas in place, sketched and locations found it’s probable we have an idea of the props or wardrobe we need to create the images in our series. All shoots will come with a budget needed, although much can be achieved on very little.

FOr the series of images I wanted a formal looking StarMan, for reasons only known by myself, but I trust my judgent and have gone with it.


1 suit - grey/black

shirt - double cuffed

black shoes



After scooting through Ebay for a while I was able to pick up the entire outfit for £24. 

with regards to the helmet I created that from a cosplay helmet template, some cardboard, some hessian , black spray paint and some rubber tubing at a total cost of £18, and although I’m really proud of the result I tried it on and didn’t feel it suited the character one bit, so opted for using the same template to create a hood type thing which I do think suits.

Budget also has to include travel to locations, and any other props you may need to include. Although I have the chair I want to use , it did cost £15 from Facebook market place, which is another treasure trove of bargains.

With the ideas in place, wardrobe and props sorted it is now the delightful task of shooting.

With my work I can choose to be both on location and/or creating composite images so some shooting can be accomplished in the studio which helps with the nefarious and completely unreliable weather we get in Britain :)

Next time we should have some images to talk through, and I’m sure it can be seen that even with all this planning, when it comes to the shoot a little flexibility is always useful

Do ask questions in the comments if there is anything you need to know!

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