Casper's images are heavily influenced by the delicious lighting of Renaissance portrait paintings, which create the timeless feeling in the portraits he takes. A moment captured forever rather than a fleeting touch in time. The painterly quality in his images reflect his need to ensure his portraits are images you can spend a lifetime with.

Our makeup artist Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies is a highly skilled freelance Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist. She is an award winning and international published makeup artist. She has studied creative and media makeup design over the past 5 years whilst obtaining knowledge & experience from some of the best in the industry. Throughout her time in the industry, Sarah has worked within the theatre, photographic, fashion, film and TV industries mainly within the UK as well as international projects. Her job titles have included makeup artist for London Fashion Week 2018 assisting makeup artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis. Hair and makeup designer for a ENB Film Production, lead makeup designer for British band 'Tall Children’ multiple music videos. She was also key SFX makeup artist, character designer and hairstylist for upcoming films such as the feature film JS1 and Nocnitsa.

And we love her!

Find more of her stunning work on her website

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